Aftermarket Panerai Straps Review

Dangerous 9 Straps Review #3

Dangerous 9 Panerai Straps

Origin: Germany
Construction: Hand-Stitched
Materials: Exotic and Vintage Leathers
Buckles & Tubes: Buckles And Tubes Included
Price Range: €158+
Website: Click Here
Date of Review: June 3rd, 2020

I'm back with my third review of Dangerous9 Straps, and this one is a bit different from the previous ones as it is a review of their newer manufacture line of straps. These were not available previously when I had reviewed John's custom made straps a few years back, but in order to keep up with demand and varying levels of customization required, Dangerous9 introduced these straps that didn't require special customizations (one of John's specialities) and would fit popular watch models right off the shelf. They continue to use top notch leathers sourced from various tanneries in Europe which include British tannery, Tusting & Burnett.

With this review I will be looking at one of Dangerous9's Carbon Black Teju manufacture straps as well as their Watch & Travel roll in Incas Black Kangaroo. Pictured is also one of their felt travel pouches which I will briefly talk about too.

Let's start with the beautiful Black Teju strap. This is an incredible watch strap that, while not handmade by John, is still an incredibly well-crafted strap. The entire manufacture line of straps which are handmade in Italy by a small family-run company located just outside of Turin. I've typically avoided Teju straps because I don't like the sheen that they usually have. When I saw this one I was pretty impressed since it was they call a SuperMatte finish which I like much better.

The strap is padded, similar to an OEM Panerai strap and the padding is all leather, not some sort of filler material. All thread is Au Chinois Cbl linen thread from France, and this particular strap features the Steel Grey color. These straps are made to very exacting standards and I have to say I'm really enjoying this strap on my Panerai PAM653 at the moment!

A good job with the hand saddle-stitching here, as lizard and alligator type straps are always harder to sew nicely due to all the irregularities on the surface. The leather on the back is Kangaroo gloving leather which has a very soft hand and sits very comfortably on the wrist. And of course John would use Kangaroo, the man can never do anything with ordinary leather!

The strap has two keepers, one fixed and one floating, using the smaller scale portion of the hide and matches very nicely with the strap. One small note about the keepers - I really like them. They feel sturdy, and they match really well. I find occasionally strapmakers don't do a god job with keepers, but he did a fantastic job with them here. The back of the strap is stamped with the Dangerous9 logo on the long tail and "Handmade in Italy" on the short tail.

Here is a shot of the strap mounted, with an OEM Panerai buckle attached. It fits perfectly so this is a good candidate for OEM replacement. I'm very happy with how well the strap is performing, even though I am not able to wear it out as much during this Pandemic that has affected us all. Let's take a look at the watch roll now.

So everyone needs something to carry their watches in right? When you're travelling and you don't want to be stuck wearing the same watch every day, this watch roll from Dangerous9 is perfect for carrying a couple watches as well as a few straps and tools so you can change up your look depending on what you're wearing. I usually alternate between a few different cases I have, but this is probably the most practical and compact one I have and also has spots for straps!

This particular roll that I got is the Inca Black Kangaroo roll, and matches very well with the Teju strap. I don't have a lot of experience with kangaroo leather but this is very nice stuff. Soft and supple, with a finer grain than cow leather. It almost feels like a halfway between cow and calf leather and smells fantastic.

The inside is lined with a houndstooth patterned suede and has a flap that keeps the watches protected and from falling out. These beautiful travel rolls are crafted by a small company based in Bayreuth, Germany and made using leathers sourced from Germany and Italy.

The photo shows my PAM653 poking out head first, but you're actually supposed to put the watch head in first so it is actually protected - I just thought the photo looked better this way but felt I should clarify!

Also pictured are the felt travel pouches that come standard with custom straps or can be purchased separately as well. These are a great little inexpensive addition and are great for carrying a watch around in without a lot of bulk. The rustic Buffalo Horn button is a nice touch and I really like how it compliments the pouch. The entire pouch is handmade in Germany.

Finally a shot of the travel roll all wraped up and ready to go! Its such a nice little compact roll and does its job very nicely. It fits very large watches like full-size Panerai's and seems to hold them inside very well. The suede liner gives it some friction so the watch doesn't slide around as well so overall it is a very solid design. Functional and beautiful!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing John's products again, as he realy tries very hard to make sure the stuff is top notch and it shows. Price wise these manufacture products are much more affordable than his custom straps, but stil use the same quality of materials and have John's flair for the exotic by using hides such as Kangaroo and Goat. Its a great way to introduce yourself to Dangerous9's products. Hope you enjoyed the review, these are great products at very reasonable prices.

As reviewed:

Carbon Black Teju Lizard watch strap for Panerai 2422P
Length: 300mm
Width: 24mm
Buckle Finish: Matte
Price: €189.00

Watch & Strap Travel Roll Incas Black Kangaroo
Buckle Finish: Brushed Brass
Price: €155.00

Felt Travel Pouch
Price: €15.00