Aftermarket Panerai Strap Review

Dodo Leather Straps Review

Dodo Leather Straps Panerai Straps

Origin: Ukraine
Construction: Hand-Stitched
Materials: New Leathers
Buckles & Tubes: Buckles Included
Price Range: $25+
Website: Click Here
Date of Review: October 27th, 2016

From the Ukraine we have a new strapmaker to the scene going by the name of Dodo Leather. They make lots of cool leather goods like backpacks and keychains, and are very active in social media and do the majority of their sales from their Etsy Shop.

As you can see from the photo below, I actually picked up three straps from Dodo, but the other two are not suitable for Panerai watches so they will be reviewed on Strapaholics at some point.

Dodo leather offers Inital stamping on their straps, and as you can see, my initials are stamped on the long tail, a bit like a Monogram on a shirt cuff. Not to everyone's taste, but always an option. Anyway, let's focus on the strap under review today, which is the premium Dodo strap and will be launching in a crowdfunding campaign as well which will let you take advantage of some discounts.

This strap looks good, and the light brown is a nice antiqued sort of color with a single floating keeper. I would have preferred a fixed keeper but a floating keeper simplifies construction and is reflected in the lower pricepoint of these straps. At the crowdfunding price these are an absolute steal in my opinion so if you can get in on that its a good opportunity to snag a nice strap at a great price.

Stitching is straight and done very well. The leather is sort of a medium stiffness, and has a very robust feel to it. Its got a nice smell, and feels of a good quality - this strap isn't going to break down any time soon.

The backside of the straps is almost the same as the front - even the stitching looks almost the same. The only dead giveaway is the monogram and the termination of the thread near the lugs. Overall this is a superb handmade strap using quality materials with a full stitch for what I would consider a bargain price. If you are able to get in on the crowdfunding campaing this is a straight-up no-brainer if you're in the market for a strap like this. My only caveats would be remember there is only one floating keeper - I generally prefer to have at one fixed keeper (plus one floating) because its more comfortable and is also easier to put on. Other than that - I don't have any complaints!

Strap As Reviewed:
Series: Premium Watch Strap
Model: Light Brown w/Black PVD Buckle
Length: 115/75mm
Thickness: 3mm
Keeper Type: 1 Floating
Stitch Color: Black
Edge Finish: Burnished
Price: $75.00