Aftermarket Panerai Review

Europelli Shell Cordovan Strap Review

Europelli Panerai Straps

Origin: USA
Construction: Hand-Stitched and Lock-Stitched
Materials: Assorted Leathers, Shell Cordovan
Buckles & Tubes: No Tubes or Buckless
Price Range: $50-200
Website: Click Here
Date of Review: December 12th, 2009

After getting one of Europelli's 22x20mm Shell Cordovan straps for my Graham Chronofighter, I decided it was time to snag a 24x24mm one for my Panerai. While the style and construction of the two straps are drastically different, they both exhibit similar traits exclusive to Shell Cordovan.

Since Europelli is currently having a sale, their straps are very affordable, with the Shell Cordovan Historic Cut Oxblood strap costing only $85. An absolute steal for a quality Shell Cordovan strap.

As you can see from the above picture, the Shell Cordovan kind of changes colors along the legth of the strap and even the keepers depending on how much it is bent. The hide tends to lighten where it is bent, giving it a lot of character. It also does not get "micro-wrinkles" that you see with typical leather and even crocodile. Shell cordovan always remains smooth no matter how much you bend it. It will develop indentations and waves int he material, but never wrinkles.

For the most part, however, the material looks very much like plain old leather, and not many people actually appreciate the subtle differences or are willing to pay the premium. But obviously still enough that Europelli has invested in providing us strapaholics with a product.

Construction of the straps are very good, and has that great Shell Cordovan smell. Shell Cordovan can only be vegetable tanned, so has a smell that is generally different than most leathers. If you look closely at the keeper above, you will see the unique changes in color the Shell Cordovan develops as it is bent to make the keeper.

The natural colored thread works great with the oxblood color of the Shell Cordovan, making a great everyday user strap. I have been using this strap every day since I got it!

A shot with the Europelli on my Panerai PAM90, giving it a great vintage look, without a distressed ammo-style. The feel of the strap to me is more desirable than typical leathers as it has a somewhat more elastic feel to it and seems to be a bit more water repellent.

And last, the requisite wrist shot. You can't really see the strap, but it does look great, and is just different enough from regular leathers to justify buying a Shell Cordovan strap. Next I think I want to try one of Europelli's football leather straps! Great affordable and unique strap from Europelli. Check out this page for care instructions on Shell Cordovan.