Aftermarket Panerai Review

Mario Paci Watch Straps Review

Mario Paci Panerai Straps

Origin: Italy
Construction: Lock-Stitched
Materials: New Leathers
Buckles & Tubes: No Tubes, Buckle Depends on Strap
Price Range: $209US+
Website: Click Here
Date of Review: November 11th, 2010

Mario Paci's history is enriched in the roots of Panerai since the 1930's when Giuseppe Panerai first purchased Shoes from the shops of "Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli". This is what gives Mario Paci straps the arguably deserved pedigree that they enjoy. I've never had the luxury to own a new Mario Paci strap of my choosing, but I have examined several that my friends have purchased and have picked up one of these on the Sales Corner to review.

Since I snagged this second hand for reviewing purposes, I'm not sure about the history of this strap or even what model it is. It feels like regular leather to me, so I would assume one of their base models. The finish on the surface of the leather is different than most straps in that this one has a more durable or robust suface feel to it than most. By that I mean the surface of the leather has a non-porous feel to it, possibly due to waterproofing though I'm not sure if this one has it since it does not say "Kodiak Leather" on the strap.

The buckle on this particular MP strap has ITALY printed on the back, indicating its Italian Heritage. Can't complain about that! The sewn-in stonewashed buckle is fantastic. The leather has a great natural smell to it, typical of quality Italian tanned leather. One this about the type of finish this strap has is that it won't Darken like most lighter Tan-colored leathers. This strap has not darkened at all even when its gotten moist from sweat or water droplets.

A side view shot of the Mario Paci strap mounted on my PAM90. The MP is actually a very fine and robust strap, and the fact that it does not discolor is particularly nice, especially for such a light colored strap. While this one lacks the Character that I often prefer in my straps, there is no doubt that it is a superbly crafted piece of leather.

And finally the head-on shot. Not much of the strap visible here, but I'd like to add a few final words on the Mario Paci. Its a great strap that feels like quality when you strap it on, and something that you feel will last a long time. The craftmanship is very precise, with very nice, tight stitching. Its a relatively soft and supple strap, that conforms to the wrist very comfortably. All in all, an excellent strap which leaves me wanting more MP straps for the future!