Panerai Watch Term Glossary

Panerai and Watch Terms Defined

A small list of Panerai watch specific terms and their meanings.

This is a left-hand Panerai with the crown on the left side of the watch.

Device Protecting the Crown
This is Panerai's trademarked name for the signature crown protector used in all the Luminor series of watches.

The nickname for the Panerai 1950 PAM 127 special edition released in 2002.

Panerai watches produced between 1993 and 1997 prior to the acquisition by Vendome (now the Richemont group) are said to be "Pre-Vendome".

Sandwich Dial
Sandwich dials are where numbers and minute markers are cut out of the metal plate which forms the visible dial (behind the crystal). Behind this is a second metal plate with recessed areas where a thick luminous paste is applied - the areas corresponding to the cut-outs in the first metal plate - thus 'sandwiching' the luminous material between the two metal plates.